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Ethics Unwrapped Beyond Business Ethics - UT Austin

“What happens when local news isn’t local? This.”

The ad shows Deadspin’s viral video compilation of the promos assailing “fake” stories and “biased” journalists.

How America's largest local TV owner turned its news anchors into soldiers in Trump's war on the media: https://t.co/iLVtKRQycL pic.twitter.com/dMdSGellH3

— Deadspin (@Deadspin) March 31, 2018

“Sinclair owns this station and nearly 200 others. It forced dozens of anchors to recite the same political message, word for word,” the Allied Progress voiceover says.”Now Sinclair is trying to control local news stations in 72 percent of American homes. Tell the FCC to stop the Sinclair merger.”

The ad urges viewers of Sinclair stations to call the government regulator and oppose Sinclair — an awfully unusual sight.

Related: Sinclair tells anchors to run media-bashing promos and the criticism goes viral

Sinclair may have calculated that refusing to run the ads would have simply drawn more attention to Allied Progress’s campaign.

So instead this message pops up right afterward:

“The misleading ad you just saw focused on a brief promotional message that simply said we’re a source for truthful news,” the Sinclair voiceover says. “It ignored thousands of hours of local news we produce each year to keep you informed. The ad was purchased by a group known for its liberal bias, and we hope you won’t buy into the hysteria and hype.”

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Malnutrition occurs when you do not get enough of 1 or more nutrients that your body needs to thrive. There are many reasons why people with inflammatory bowel disease are at risk of malnutrition: 1,2

You can be malnourished if you do not get enough calories (energy) every day. You can also be malnourished if the foods you eat do not provide enough vitamins or minerals. 1 There are some people who get enough calories, but not enough of certain vitamins or minerals. Iron deficiency is common in people with Crohn’s disease. 1 Other nutrients that tend to be low in the typical diet are starches and sugars (carbohydrates), healthy (monounsaturated) fats, fiber, calcium, and vitamins C, D, E, and K. 2

Weight loss is a sign of malnutrition caused by not getting enough calories. Up to 80% of people in the hospital for Crohn’s disease lose weight. About 20% to 40% of outpatients with Crohn’s disease also have weight loss. 2

Most children with inflammatory bowel disease lose weight. 2 They may grow more slowly than expected. Slow growth may start years before being diagnosed with inflammatory bowel disease. 2

Body mass index (BMI) is not always a good way to measure malnutrition. BMI is an estimate of body fat based on your weight and height. (In children, BMI-for-age is used to estimate body fat.) Recent research shows that about one-third of people with inflammatory bowel disease are overweight or obese. 2 However, many of these people have low muscle mass and handgrip strength, which are signs of malnutrition. 4 People with inflammatory bowel disease often avoid foods that make their symptoms worse or increase their risk of a nike air jordan 1 flight 3 classic white shirts
. As a result, may not be able to get all the vitamins and minerals they need through their diet. 5

Symptoms of malnutrition are not very specific. You might feel tired or depressed. You may notice that wounds heal slowly. 3 However, most vitamin and mineral deficiencies do not cause symptoms. 6

Your health care provider or dietitian will weigh and measure you regularly. One way to check for malnutrition is to keep track of how much and how quickly you lose weight. Height is an important sign of how well children are growing. Blood tests can check for anemia, as well as low levels of certain vitamins and minerals.



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